Glovebox is getting updated!


Glovebox is being rebranded and rewritten from scratch. Glovebox will become Edge Bar and will have more features like multiple bars. Very soon this new version will be available as beta in the Playstore. 
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Snap Press


It's been a couple of weeks since the app launched and it is being shared around on tech sites.
What are people saying about Snap Widget Drawer?

Engadget - “Snap makes your Android widgets reachable from any app”
Lifehacker - “Snap is a simple yet smart little productivity app”
Android Police - “Snap Adds A Pull-Down Widget Screen That's Accessible From Anywhere”
Android Authority - “Snap is an app that solves the widget problem”
The Next Web - “I like using Snap not only to make essential widgets easily accessible, but also to reduce clutter on my home screen”