Meteor Swipe

Meteor Swipe (formerly known as Glovebox) is one of the first sidebar launchers to be available for Android. Launch your favorite apps/contacts with a single swipe and give your Android phone a new and modern look while you improve its usability.

The app was originally inspired by the Ubuntu phone OS and it is now one of the best sidebar apps available for Android. Create multiple sidebars for your most used apps and favorite contacts. Customize to your style using the different themes available (new themes still being added). Access your widgets from anywhere using the floating widgets feature.


Snap Swipe Drawer

Snap Swipe Drawer is a drawer for your widgets and shortcuts, similar to the notifications drawer. Boost your productivity and access widgets from anywhere with a single swipe and without having to go to your home launcher. Keep your home screen clean and organized.

The app was inspired by the iOS widgets and its purpose is to provide Android users a way to quickly access widgets, apps & shortcuts without having to leave the current app. It also helps to keep the home screen cleaner which is great for minimal setups.

The app was sold to Sappalodapps in 2017 with a rating of 4.4 and 250 000+ downloads on Google Play.


Plug for Instagram

The Plug for Instagram app is a free plugin for the Android Instagram app that allows you to download public videos and photos directly from the Instagram app and to get quick access to the top Instagram hashtags for a quick copy & paste.

All you need to do is to swipe from the left/right to access the panels directly from the Instagram app..


Xtended NavBar

This is a module developed for the Xposed Framework that adds an extra functionality to the navigation bar.

Swiping horizontally on the navigation bar will reveal more pages that can be configured to show music controls, quick settings shortcuts or apps.


Loopr App Switcher

I developed and designed Loopr as a new way of switching between running apps faster.

With a single swipe you can quickly preview and change between the currently running apps.

Loopr is no longer being developed and it is not available on Google Play.